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I m glad to contribute in this great crackingcrew forum. (thx to @l3awa@)

Here is LetsBruteit coded by me for bruteforcing.




If password asked : crackingcrew

Virus Total Report



version (10.03.2018)

- SK,FK,BK,RK keys added on all stages.
- <user> <pass> <iavar01> <lsvar01> <rsvar01> became <<user>> <<pass>> <<iavar01>> <<lsvar01>> <<rsvar01>> and can be used
 on all stages in url, Postdata, additional header.
- Signout-Logout Process bug updated !
- Stop bruteforcer after x retries added !


version (21.02.2018)

- ftp cracking function added.
- Introduce new type of bruteforce (cookie kept) in settings.
- Loading combo speed increased.
- More stable (less cpu).
- Auto freeing memory (settings).
- Abble to modify Config author.
- Updated function Logout after each valid hit.
- Auto maintenance of corrupted file index added.

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