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V.I.P Membership And Super Membership (Price list)

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CrackingCrew.com Super/VIP Membership prices listed out DONATIONS To CrackingCrew to be Up Always.








Dear Fella members,
We all know your Expectations and your satisfaction. We are ready to fulfill your needs. We are ready to help you at any cost. We are the one to reach high to your expectations. Won't you donate us to keep always up the forum and don't want the downtime to your enjoyment fulfillment ? 
You are welcomed to donate for your own privacy for the sections we built up in such a way that the particular section i.e., VIP and SUPER will be privileged only for these two Members. No Leech Accounts. Full throttle to engage upon in these sections. You can enjoy the private discussions, so that the normal members wont interrupt you on your private things. Wasn't that great for your privacy ? We will be pleased for your donations happening towards us.

If you want to BUY SUPER / VIP membership, Please refer to the below pricing details and the benefits we provide you for your enjoyment:

VIP Membership:
  • Donate €10 : 1 Month VIP Membership
  • Donate €18 : 2 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €26 : 3 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €34 : 4 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €42 : 5 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €50 : 6 Months VIP Membership
  • Donate €90 : 12 Months VIP Membership
Super Membership:
  • Donate €18   : 1 Month Super Membership
  • Donate €28   : 2 Months Super Membership
  • Donate €40   : 3 Months Super Membership
  • Donate €50   : 4 Months Super Membership
  • Donate €70   : 5 Months Super Membership
  • Donate €80   : 6 Months Super Membership
  • Donate €150  : 12 Months Super Membership


  • Access to the forums:

          SUPER / VIP members can access there respectives Sections.

  • Posts Stuffs:

          We assure you, the accounts or configs which are been posted in VIP / SUPER Section will be purely private not a leeched one.

  • Quality and Support:

          Quality will be 100% private accounts or configs as well the SUPPORT will be at high prioritize for VIP / SUPER.

  • Reputation Points:

          Each VIP / SUPER will get an Extra +Rep points. Which in turn will lead to get great respect in the community.

  • Private Message Inbox space Increased:

          Will get unlimited PM Storage for both VIP / SUPER.

  • Avatar Size Increases:

  The Avatar size will increased to 180*180 from the 50px of normal users. So that your identity will be different.

  • Private EMAIL Address:

          You will get your Own desired name Emai ID. For ex: [email protected] with unlimited Storage.

  • Name And Batch:

          You will be moved to VIP SECTION a yellow group jpedR8e.gif Vip Member  with a shiny yellow VIP jpedR8e.gif.
SUPER Membership ONLY get the below FEATURES:

  • SUPER'S Members Forum:

          SUPER members can access to the SUPER MEMBERS ZONE. Can have your own private stuffs other than the normal members.

  • Username Change:

          The moment you become SUPER, You will have the access to keep your own desired Username and can change Thrice till your subscription gets over.

  • User Title Change:

  The moment you become SUPER, you can change the User Title as much as you want till your Subscriptions gets over and can keep the User title different from normal members.

  • Name And Bacth:

          You will be moved to SUPER SECTION AQM08LS.gifSUPER  and will get a badge which indicates to huge currency, A shiny SUPERAQM08LS.gif.

  • Posts Stuffs:

The Posts which will be posted by our staffs will make sure the accounts and configs are totally different from VIP / Elite / Cracking section. It will be a high quality and a private made which will be exclusive only for SUPER.
Want to buy the Subscriptions as listed above, then add us in

ID : CrackingCrew
send pm to: yf1EpyL.png JACKSON  OR yf1EpyL.png CyB3r
The way you have to send a mail to pay the donation is like:

  • Tell what kind of Membership you needed VIP / SUPER
  • Tell the validity months you need to subscribe with us
  • Payment method : PayPal , Bitcoins , Perfectmoney ,skrill & Webmoney 

NOTE: The Moment you send money, Please send the screenshot of sending money and the email id toyf1EpyL.png JACKSON  OR yf1EpyL.png CyB3r

NOTE: If any of the Private stuffs are been leaked and if we find you, your account will be permanently banned and there will be no refund of your money ( We strictly adhere to this ).

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