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Staff Required

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Good News LetsBruteit 2018 V. Updated By HNB


- Bug on in

version (11/06/2018)

- 'no user agent' added in user agent list. If you do not have it, just add it. Useful in some configs
  where you don't need to send user agent in request.

valid chars corrected (some filters were not accurate)
- Parsing function added to additionals redirect stage <<RS1VAR>> <<RS2VAR>>...<<RS7VAR>>
  These vars can be used in all successive stages.
- [ADV][empty] function added in SOURCE keys to intercept an Empty Source (with good header)
- When exporting config, Source FK on Login Stage were not exported! Corrected!
- Thanks to @klean from crackingcrew.com for the new Logo! ^^
- Protected config function added! You can now send a config as tool. The config can not be edited!
  When Bruteit loads it you can just add combo and/or proxies and bruteforce.


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  1. Sashok31

    All Mail Checker by SJMIX

    Checker letters on request, quantity, the folder where they are. Yandex Money Checker. Checks on the balance sheet, phone and map. Normal Brutus email services Grabber proxy the links key. Proxy checker Text utilities https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/f1f1cdfdf3be781180a6d3b9760b7ab1a7a5f540ab77209101e4ff863b6648f1/analysis/http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/08/all-mail-checker-by-sjmix.html
  2. Sashok31

    Proxy Leecher & Proxy Checker

    https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/13ff1883355e08acfc3d6485b479564bdce48d7a06b1d10b808ce649f298169f/analysis/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/proxy-leecher-proxy-checker.html
  3. https://www.virustotal.com/…/988d9329c…/analysis/1468236585/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/…/proxy-legion-elite-prox…
  4. Sashok31

    vScraper | Proxy Scraper&Checker

    https://www.virustotal.com/…/...4892b7…/analysis/1450822823/ https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sam...5b0424892b7d731a691f6… http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/…/vscraper-proxy-scraper.…
  5. ОпиÑание: Checker G2A . Ð”Ð»Ñ Ñ‚Ð¾Ð³Ð¾, чтобы получить доÑтуп к Ñлужбе анти- капчу (подробноÑти в теме ). ЕÑли вы указали неверный ключ, поÑле начала работы будет проиÑходить полета программного обеÑпечениÑ. https://virustotal.com/ru/file/83858d20e5237cd598fab482ac2d135962e6683def7856820981d0547368479f/analysis/1465915172/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/g2a-brut-and-checker-by-justforlife.html
  6. Sashok31

    SQLI Dumper v.8.2

    SQLI Хранитель 8.2 VirusTotal -https:// www.virustotal.com/ru/file/438d9461d7d8d23c151d20f0482e8efb60548e3f9a85d7a3ef64d7d21f40b5fa/analysis/ SQLi.Dumper.v8.2.Keygen-RTN virustotal-https:// www.virustotal.com/ru/file/798290ca48e29897459e0e57b719d4126186c1ffec6903860ee161f3a678cab4/analysis/1468217354/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/sqli-dumper-v82.html
  7. It was a version with limited functionality. Thanks SHADOW it is now working 100%. The program is easy to use interface is clear even to a schoolboy, so I think it is not worth wasting time on description. https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/...bfc904704c5fcf0fc8545ce4/analysis/1439918507/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/new-fastest-email-grabber-crack-by.html
  8. Trillium Security Multi Xploit Tool v3 Cracked Features: 1. Bilder hidden FUD *.chm (Help-file) 2. Bilder hidden FUD *.vbs (Visual-Basic-Script) Exploit 3. Bilder hidden FUD *.vbe (Encoded-Visual-Basic-Script) Exploit 4. Bilder hidden FUD *.hta (HTML Application) Exploit 5. Bilder hidden FUD *.bat (Batch-File) Exploit 6. Bilder hidden FUD *.cmd (Command-File) Exploit 7. Bilder hidden FUD *.wsf (Windows Script File) Exploit 8. Bilder FUD hidden Microsoft Office Word Macro Exploit 9. Bilder FUD hidden Microsoft Office Excel Macro Exploit 10. You can select the Download Folder(%AppData%, %ProgramFiles%, %Windir%, %Temp%, %HomeDrive%) 11. You can choose any type of Url 12. You can select any type of file (*.exe,*.txt,*.jpg,*.Cert,*.rtf,.......) 13. There are Build-In to the USG which generates each time unique sploit when I press "Compile" 14. You can select random UpperCase, LowerCase and randomly a random number for the USG 15. You can use Custom String Encryption ensures that 99% of the uniqueness of sploits and will kriptovat each string in the file split with a unique pass, regardless of the type of sploit 16. HTML-Application/Help-File Editor Body 17. Splaytime bypass the UAC and proactive https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/442475ec7030e814ef8578ae71073c87ca7ca0ffe19f81f7cfdeb452f0b6aa17/analysis/1468078063/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/trillium-security-multi-xploit-tool-v3.html
  9. It is a tool for parsing links from search engines, at the moment the parsing is done with such search engines as google and search-results, it is planned to add other search engines. The parser can parse any request, whether of Dorcas, or simply the word or set of numbers. https://virustotal.com/ru/file/6c2c6393086d4c2ab08835a1756610264ec491155acf56b70399997bbedbbf1e/analysis/1459344757/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/url-parser-version-21-by-j0hnd03.html
  10. I represent to Your attention a new checker proxy that works quickly, doesn't freeze. 1. Checker all types of proxies. 2. Checker proxy to any website. 3. Checker anonymity. 4. Sort by country/proxy types 5. Fast. 6. Download proxy from the PC (Drag&Drop) / Grabber proxy links https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/a34739666498408c9acc6a7b094aae8b6ebc68e223a9145d306f561d61fe3c31/analysis/1467869113/http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/27-proxy-checker-all-type-streetworkout.html
  11. https://www.virustotal.com/ru/file/510503d00489a814ed6052556822169d33dd2fedae59f8ada3969f45e78e9cca/analysis/1467054444/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/facebook-kit-crackingbruteing-php-script.html
  12. Software for cheating viewers on twitch. https://virustotal.com/…/72e1192941af7…/analysis/1462105163/ http://toolshacke.blogspot.com.by/2016/07/super-twitch-god-2016-v14-cracked-by.html

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